Our focus

Forrester Creek Software is a database and software development company specializing in developing custom business solutions. The software development technology we use is chosen to best fit the customers objective. We work with Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Basic.NET for desktop application development, and ASP and ASP.NET for web applications. We work with customers to improve efficiency and business processes through application of custom software or upgrade of existing software to meet business needs.

Database programming and support

We have focused and specialized in Microsoft Access since 1995 and work in all versions. Database development and support - all phases from design to takeover projects and support of legacy projects, conversions: older to newer, platform to platform (e.g. Excel to Access), data importing, up-sizing to SQL Server and more. We also can set your database applications up to work remotely with a central data store on your web server or SQL Azure in the cloud.

  • Product development - We have developed 2 commercial products in Access, and have helped others with their development.
  • Add features to existing applications - We do this regularly, and in most cases can streamline the application for more efficient operation.
  • Integration and Automation - We have integrated Access with other Microsoft Office applications, web sites, and other software packages for data exchange, and page generation.

Why use custom software for your business?

Rapid access to meaningful data is critical in today's business environment. Many small to medium sized businesses operate from a combination of paper, and spread sheets and/or possibly a commercial package with more features than can ever be used. Trying to stay on top of all your business data is difficult and time consuming with this approach. Custom software designed to focus on your business practices and methods can provide reports identifying information you need at the click of a button.

Remember the golden rule of business optimization: If you are going to do something more than a dozen times it's worth the time to automate it..We offer a free initial consultation - contact us.